City of Sharing is a participatory design and educational tool in the form of a board game used to share knowledge of how an urban block could be developed by its community by forming a Community Land Trust (CLT) and creating interventions on a site.

The initial concept of the game was developed by Jacob Kelly as his fourth year Masters of Architecture project at Sheffield Hallam University. This was part of Studio 4: Re-thinking the CLUB led by Cristina Cerulli and Goran Vodicka.

Earlier developments of the game can be found on the Studio 4 blog here or in Jacob’s fourth year portfolio:

Sheffield Hallam University has granted Jacob and Cristina a Staff/Student Research Bursary to continue the development of the game. This blog will record the development progress.

Early play test

City of Sharing is a co-operative negotiation game to share knowledge on how to set up a Community Land Trust and to be used as a design tool to inform what people would like to happen in their neighbourhood.

The game itself will be led by a Facilitator, a member of the community with expert knowledge like an Architect, urban planner, or design student, and played with community participants. The results and ideas discussed can be used as the basis of design briefs and real world proposals for the community.

The initial version of the game has been developed to be site-specific to Milton Street in Sheffield City centre. However, it has been designed so that it can be adapted for other sites around the world with the framework becoming available as open-source online.

Further testing will continue with the initial site and an alternate site this summer.

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