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The National Community Land Trust Network

Community Land Trusts – Building the homes we can afford

CLT in a Nutshell

Making space for community-led housing in urban areas


Olly Wainwright: “Community land trusts battle gentrification by linking house prices to local wages rather than the market rate. But can this growing movement for ‘permanently affordable’ homes really ease Britain’s housing crisis?” The radical model fighting the housing crisis: property prices based on income

Aditya Chakrabortty: “To revive their derelict area in Liverpool, a group of residents had to take it over. The latest article in our new economics series looks at one of the most remarkable stories in British urban history.” How one community beat the system, and rebuilt their shattered streets

Alessio Perrone: Not resigned to lose their homes and workplaces to the whims of the property market, a group decided to fight against the odds. This is their plan to stay where they are.” Priced out no more: how a London group defied gentrification

⁩: The presence of a decreases the odds of by 70%. Citizens of ‘s Third Ward, a historically established in the late 19th century, hope a CLT can help them.” Houston’s Third Ward Turns to Community Land Trust Mode

Community land trusts can be about more than just housing. Aline Reynolds reports for on working with to acquire their building, an community hub in gentrifying .” Oakland Community Hub Rallies to Save Itself From Gentrification